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HO Train Products!

Welcome back and thank you for bearing with us during this long absence and our tortuous efforts to restore our web site. The entire site was wiped out when the original hosting company went out of business...suddenly. Between health challenges and technical snafus, it has been a struggle to get "back on the air."

We are far from done and our efforts will continue during the coming months. Even for those parts now up and running there will be additions and corrections as we continue to work on the recovery. For most of the items currently posted, shipping charges are are a blanket $12 for the total of all items within each category, no matter how many are selected. In other categories, such as structures and locomotives, shipping charges will be specified, as needed, for each item.

Finally, as many of you know, our somewhat bizarre schedule has been to stop shipping in early winter and resume in springtime. This year the cutoff date will be October 15. As always, Orders accumulated during the interim will be held until we resume shipping, usually in April.

Again, we thank all who have waited so patiently for us to get back on line. We hope to continue serving all of you.

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