Custom Painted Beer Cars

Greenway's custom painted and printed cars for collectors are usually done in a very limited quantities. We offer a large selection of custom painted Locomotives and Rolling Stock as well.

Picture Description Price
Clyde Cream Ale car

Clyde Cream Ale

From the Enterprise Brewing Company, Fall River, Massachusetts.


Connecticut Valley Brewing Company

Meriden Connecticut


Cooks 500 Ale car

Cooks 500 Ale

F.W. Cook Company Inc. Evansville Indiana. Nice Indy 500 race car logo with checkered flag. This car is Ready-To-Run, Not a Kit!


Cremo Beer car

CREMO "Connecticut's Best"

From the Cremo Brewing Co. Inc. of new Britian Connecticut.


Crown Select Beer car


From the Eulberg Brewing Co. Inc. of new Portage, Wisconsin.


Cutty Sark Scots Whiskey car

Cutty Sark Scots Whisky

Hiram Walker & Sons, inc. of Farmington Hills, MI.


Deer Run Ale car

Deer Run Ale

Fred Koch Brewery, Dunkirk New York.


Deppen Buzz Beer

This beer was a product of the Deppen brewery in Reading, Pennsylvania


Doogwood Brewing co. car

Dogwood Brewing Co.

Southern Suds, best enjoyed slow and easy on a summer day.


Doogwood Summer Beer car

Dogwood Summer

Lazy days under the sun, The cool face of summer, car number two for deep southern enjoyment.



Drewrys Beer

Brewed with a choice selection of fine grains and hops

Chicago, Illinois


Duboius Budwiser Beer car

Dubois Budwiser

Colorful label now back in stock on a white car. AB is reputed to have put this brewery out of existence in a "straw man" purchase by another brewery. All this to try and capture a name!



Duke's Beer car


Horlacher's best, featuring their logo with the bulldog wearing a derby. Horlacher is no more and we don't know the whereabouts of the bulldog...or the derby..but we do know that the car gets a lot of attention whenever we show it...which isn't very often because we seldom do more than a half dozen at a time. Different numbers.


Temporarily out of stock


Effy Beer car


Fine Beer from the Effinger Co. Baraboo, Wisconsin. "In the Devils' Lake - Dells Region"


Boston BB Ale car

Boston BB Ale

Great old company that lasted until 1956. Who can forget BB and that neat lighthouse logo.


Egyptian Bread Beer tan car

Egyptian Brand Beer

From the Mound City Brewing CO. New Athens, Illinois. Available in Tan body.


Egyptian Brand Beer

From the Mound City Brewing CO. New Athens, Illinois. Available in Black body.


Sold Out!

Embudo Station Narrow Gauge Ale

Brewed and bottled at Embudo Station, NM

Click on picture for Brewery history


Electric City Beer car

Electric City Lager Beer

From the Electric City Brewing Company of Kaukauna, Wisconsin comes "The Pride of the Valley." A very attractive multi color wood sided car.


Out of stock

Falstaff Brewing Corp Car

Falstaff Brewing Corp.

Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Out of Stock

Fauerbach BC beer car

Fauerbach CB

Fauerbach Brewing Co.

Madison, Wisconsin.


Five O'clock Beer car

Five O'clock Club Beer

From the Gettelman Brewing Co.

Milwaukee Wisconsin.


Foxhead Delux beer car

Fox Deluxe

From the Fox Head Brewing Co.

La Crosse, Wisconsin.